Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ape itu interferon? Kenapa penting dalam sistem immune

Di sini saya ambil definisi dr website

What Interferon is and How it Works

The immune system serves as your body's natural shield against infection. A wondrously complex and multi-layered system, it was designed to protect you from potential invaders, including viruses, bacteria, and allergens. Your immune system is also able to recognize dangerous changes in your cells and destroy these potential pre-cancerous cells. Part of this protection includes the production of interferon.

Interferon is activated by the immune system when a virus attacks a cell. Interferon serves two important functions. It signals neighboring cells and triggers their resistance mechanisms, and it activates other immune cells that kill invading pathogens. Interferon is essential to the immune system and helps protect us from the daily exposure to millions of germs that can lead to serious infection.
Interferon sgt penting dlm sistem pertahanan badan sbg pemangkin utk aktifkan mekanism pertahanan tubuh dan aktifkan sel utk membunuh kuman


Anda boleh mencuba Nutriferon Shaklee. Terbukti secara ujian klinikal selama lebih 40 tahun dapat meningkatkan imun sistem.

Ini adalah hasil kajian yang dilakukan:

Intriguing and Varied Effects in Humans from Consumption of a Novel, Patented Botanical Blend

Individual ingredients in the immune-boosting blend include pumpkin seed (Cucurbita moschata) extract, which has been reported to induce interferon in cell cultures. It also contains plantago seed (Plantago asiatica), which has polysaccharides thought to stimulate non-specific immunity. Safflower flower (Carthamus tinctorius) polysaccharides have been shown experi- mentally to prompt macrophages to produce cytokines. And Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) flower buds have been traditionally used to fight infections. Experimentally, it’s been reported to increase the activity of immune cells.
Recent research is starting to elucidate the potential benefits of this immune-boosting botanical blend in humans. For example, clinical studies demonstrate that this novel, patented botanical blend is effective at inducing the body’s natural production of interferon, a key conductor and activator of immune response processes.

Experimental studies have shown the patented blend activates and increases the phagocytic activity of macrophages and may increase the activity of natural killer cells, immune system defenders that seek out and destroy invaders at the cellular immune response level.

Human Clinical Trials
1. Administration of a Botanical Blend in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C1.

Although larger scale controlled trials need to be conducted, the study findings suggest that the botanical blend has antiviral activity and may be both safe and useful for administration to patients with chronic hepatitis C, especially in those with high viral titers.

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